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Flair Hunt gives utmost care in protecting your privacy. We are committed to providing trustworthy services so that you can focus on building safe and meaningful connections. We aim to give a transparent outlook to provide you with clear information about our data practices.

This explains our Cookie Policy, what are cookies, what types of cookies are placed on your device or browser when you visit our website, and how we deal with them.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small amount of data generated by a website and saved by your web browser. This data might be about you, your device, or your preferences. A cookie typically contains a domain name (internet location) from which the cookie is generated, the “lifetime” of the cookie (i.e., the expiry), and a randomly generated unique number identifier. This information can be about the user, user preferences, or the device and is mostly used to make our site work as it is expected to.


Are There Different Types of Cookies?

There are first-party cookies and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are created by us directly when a user visits. For example, we use first-party cookies to adapt our website to your browser’s language preferences so that you don’t have to choose your desired language every time you visit our website. Third-party cookies are created and placed on your device by our partners or service providers. For example, we use third-party cookies to count user traffic on our website or to assist you to share content outside and across social media platforms.


Session And Persistent Cookies

There are session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are stored in memory and never written to disk. When the browser closes, the cookie is permanently lost from this point on. We use session cookies for various reasons, including to understand more about user behavior during one single browser session and to help the users use our website more efficiently. Persistent cookies are of a longer lifespan and aren’t automatically deleted when the browser is closed. These types of cookies are primarily used to help the user quickly sign-in to our website again and for other analytical purposes.


What Do We Use Cookies For?

Like any other providers of online services, we use cookies to provide a secure and efficient service, including by remembering your preferences, recognizing you when you visit our website, and personalizing to your interests. To accomplish these purposes, we also may link information from cookies with other personal information we hold about you. When you visit our website, some or all of the following types of cookies may be set on your device.

Cookie TypeDescription
Essential website cookiesThese cookies are normal and strictly necessary to provide you with services available through our website and to use some of its features, such as access to secure areas.
Performance and Analytics cookiesThese cookies help us understand how our website is being used, how well our Services and plugins perform in different locations, how effective marketing campaigns are, and help us customize and improve our website for you.
Authentication cookiesThese cookies help us to recognize you when you visit our Services. If you’re signed in, these technologies help us show you the right information and personalize your experience in line with your settings. For example, cookies enable us to identify you and verify your account.
Third-party/ Social networking cookiesThese cookies are used to enable you to share posts, listings, profiles, and content that you find interesting on our website through third-party social networking and other websites. These cookies may also be used for advertising purposes too.

How Can You Control Cookies?

There are several cookie management options available to you. Most browsers allow you to control cookies through their settings, which may be adapted to reflect your consent to the use of cookies. Please note that changes in your default cookie preferences may make browsing our website a less satisfying experience.


Removing Cookies From Your Device

You can delete all cookies that are already on your device by clearing the browsing history of your browser. This will remove all cookies from all websites you have visited. Be aware though that you may also lose some saved information (e.g. saved login details, site preferences).


Managing Site-Specific Cookies

For more detailed control over site-specific cookies, check the privacy and cookie settings in your preferred browser.


Blocking Cookies

You can set most modern browsers to prevent any cookies being placed on your device, but you may then have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site/page. And some services and functionalities may not work properly at all (e.g. profile logging-in).


Social Cookies

To allow you to share Profiles, Jobs, Posts, or contents on social media, some features of this website use social media plug-ins Depending on your social media account settings, we receive information from the social media platform when you use the share button on our website.


Google™ Cookies

Some features of our website and services rely on the use of Google™ Maps API Cookies. Such cookies will be stored on your device. When browsing this website and using the services relying on Google™ Maps API cookies, you agree to the storage, collection of such cookies on your device, and to its access, usage, and sharing by Google of the data collected thereby.


Google Analytics

Our website stores cookies from Google as part of the Google Analytics service. We use this service to keep track of how visitors use our website. Google may provide this information to third parties if it is legally required to do so or if the parties process this information on Google’s behalf. We do not influence this.

You can opt-out of Google Analytics by visiting   www.google.com/settings/ads    https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout


How To Contact Us?

If you have questions about our Cookie Policy, please connect with us on

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