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Auditions -Dance is a chance to express your feelings through actions and the most powerful tool to ignite the spirit and spread happiness.





Dancing is not just about the body moves, it’s like a soulful feeling with thoughts, emotions, expressions and gracious movements. It’s one of the beautiful forms of art that comprises your whole body, mind and soul into it. A perfect knows the emotions behind the songs and tries to replicate it in the same way. Every form of dance is done with the whole passion to enhance the beauty of oneself.

Tips that every dancer should remember always!!!

ON YOUR MARK – Always keep yourself prepared with a perfect choreography, song and with all the basic necessities you require like props, costumes, etc.

GET SET – Put your heart and mind completely into the role of the performance. Zeal yourself that energy and get ready to express powerfully. Keep in mind winning is not the ultimate goal, the goal is to grace beautifully.

GO – The stage is yours, feel free to show the way you think through your moves. A dancer is always a dancer no matter whether he/she wins or loses.

Once you’re fully prepared from your side just grab on the updates about the Casting auditions.

The breakdown of pandemic had put a pause to orthodox type of auditions and evolved into completely new form i.e. Online Casting Auditioning. Online auditions have recently become an integral part of the life of a dancer. It’s the first step of the gig, the introduction into a project, and our opportunity to get seen by choreographers and casting directors. It’s not only a mainstay in our daily lives, but a valuable skill that makes you a better dancer.

A New Normal & New Opportunities

Online auditions have completely changed the view and truth about the auditions techniques. Everything seems to be at the doorstep within a blink of an eye. The big shows like Dance India Dance or Dance+ have started the trend of online auditions, where the dancers can make the video in their comfort zones and send it.

Let your talent shine online

To make yourself visible virtually sign up the contracts with dance houses or Casting agencies that will keep you updated about the online auditions. Keep on increasing your online niche through your personal social media, so that if you have a unique talent and moves, you will get your dream audition and Casting call.

Scrutinize your online audition checklists

It’s necessary to perform as per the terms and conditions, when you’re preparing for the online auditions. We must check the criteria for selection which may include the duration of performance, category of dance, etc. its obligatory to follow the guidelines, then only you can be selected for further process.

Shoot the Perfect Shot

Select a place in which you feel comfortable to perform. Make some practice video of your dance before shooting a final shot. Edit your video in the finest form so that it can add a colorful touch to your video.

Attach the headshots & CV

Recording a dance video is not enough, it’s necessary for many online auditions to send some of the headshots revealing your body lines. Along with it you need to attach the CV that tells about your complete dance career, your experiences and your achievements.

Send the Masterpiece

Once you are done with shooting a video, make a complete package that involves a perfect dance video along with the headshots and CV. Send this masterpiece into the online audition portal and wait for the results.

A dancer remains the artist their whole life. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s all about expressing and feeling. So, keep dancing!!!

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